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Agameya: On The Friviolity of Digital Devices

Time and again we hear the quite broken record that goes along the lines of ‘Digital devices  connect people from North to South’, and that without these devices we lay in a harbor of solitude not able to crawl ourselves out of it without a guiding light or a savior. Digital devices have painted a quite erroneous picture of itself of the knight in shining armor, awaiting to save the bewildered humans from the pervading disease that is solitude. The former begs a potent question: If there is no sheer indication of a potent problem, why go through such lengths to rectify what isn't there?

One needs to exercise agency against media platforms documenting ads regarding how these devices should and will make your life better. The former statement embodies everything but the truth, and little do we know that our lives are being stripped of meaning every marginal second we engage with these devices. They are non-spatial and non-temporal taking us away from the present. They offer distractions which fall under the umbrella of surrogate activities, and lastly they deplete your quite succinct bandwidth of energy.

I would implore all readers, during the inception period on the road to eradication, to exercise three days without technological mediums whilst getting out there and exploring the abundant nature that sees no end. One will observe that they embody a tick, somewhat of a twitch to check their device and that is where one ascertains that the inextricable link is not only unhealthy, but deteriorating. Does one want to live out their lives trapped in a fabricated world made out of code? Or does one want to engage with nature and reality so as to reap the sweet fruit it bears? 

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