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The Anti-Tech Collective (ATC) is a collaborative networking organization composed of independent thinkers who take a critical stance against modern industrial technology (i.e. Technology) and advocate for the dismantling of the Technological system in order to restore Wild Nature and end significant human suffering.


In order to hasten the demise of the Technological system and help establish an "anti-tech" movement, ATC seeks to (1) spread awareness of the Technological problem by fostering the dissemination of radical anti-tech ideology, and (2) connect those who seek emancipation from the Technological system by establishing a digital presence and platform.

To these ends, ATC currently hosts a database of anti-tech literature, moderates an online forum, sends a periodic newsletter to subscribers, and records an occasional podcast.

Core Beliefs

1. The highest priority is the restoration of Wild Nature, which includes the restoration of humanity’s freedom and dignity within it.

2. Technology necessarily progresses at the expense of Wild Nature.

3. Technology is not “neutral” in any meaningful sense of the word. Technology carries its own values and imperatives that are outside of human control.

4. The Technological system cannot be reformed to avoid catastrophe. Revolution against the Technological system is the only viable method of restoring Wild Nature.

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