The modern technological system is waging a multi-front war against morality, health, human dignity, freedom of thought, and the natural environment. In an effort to fight back, we've made it our mission to provide an uncensored, interactive platform for anti-tech expression, dialogue, and activism.

By spreading awareness of the problems inherent to technology we hope to unite those seeking emancipation from the technological system.

***We do this for the birds, the trees, and our right to be free***

Core Beliefs

1. Our highest priority is the preservation and restoration of the natural world

      and humanity's place within it.

2. The present technological system cannot be reformed so as to avoid catastrophic outcomes.

3. Technology is not neutral, in any meaningful sense of the word.

4. Nature has intrinsic (as opposed to instrumental) value, equal to that of human beings.

5. Humanity's well-being is a function of the natural world's well-being.

6. Human autonomy and dignity must be preserved, within the context of wild nature.

7. Current population levels are incompatible with long term survival of the natural world.

ATC Members

David Skrbina, PhD

Professional Philosopher

Savona Safaoui

Art Historian / Law Student

Milton Bäcksbacka

History Student

Heidi Gabr

Philosopher Medical Student

Griffin Kiegiel

Philosophy Student

Chad A. Haag

Peak Oil Philosopher

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Ryan Glavin

Law Student

Justin Woodward


EJ Hass

Student / Author / Journalist