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Agameya: On the Ills of Gadgets

I’ve been saddling on the fence lately in regards to the implications that technological gadgets offer and my ambivalent mindset has left me in a state of unease. On the one hand I view it as a surrogate activity that’s used to numb the pain of life's unerring queries and a medium that does nothing but offer a distraction to what's truly important. But on the other hand, these devices have helped save lives in urgent situations as well as helped connect people in need with others that may offer the desired help. One cant help but fall ill to the notion that technology is not in fact neutral, that with its offerings of profoundness comes etched along its lot of dismay.

Indeed we cannot identify the good without also shedding light on the bad. At the crux of pollution, corruption, and mayhem more often than not the technological footprint is found. In more scenarios than one, technology has been caught red handed at the scene of the crime. Alas, this begs the question: Is the opportunity cost of the good deeds reaped by technology marginally high to the extent that we bare the byproducts of the meager?

I for one am at a loss for my current stance regarding the former but can only attest to what I see unfolding in front of me in the 21st century: Many a babe are deluded in thought due to the ‘digital opioid’ eclipsing their thoughts, emotions, and therefore their actions. Technology is accelerating at an all time high past the point of concerted control rectifying the situation. Some even argue that technology has advanced to the point that it does not need human programming for further advancement, and that is when folks, we truly lose the battle.

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