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Agameya: On Conformity Versus Nihilism

Time and again cultures breed cultural thoughts and traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. Ethics and norms and enveloped as to streamline mutual connection between and within groups. Being a part of the herd offers security and benefits for oneself and to others. Alas, what's good for the bee is good for the hive. The former is all well and good but it begs the timeless question: Does conformity limit thought and hinder human potential? I would have to answer with a hard yes. When one sticks to a given group, one's thoughts and ideas are colored by the undertones of the many men who carefully cultivated these given ideologies. We are indeed products of years of meticulous work brought on by our ancestors in order to mold us into one.

How then does one justify the outcasts? They are indeed ones that were adamant on not sticking to the status quo and blazing their own trail. It feels liberating to come across novel lines of thinking, but do outcasts end up finding what they are looking for? Alas, yet again a timeless question I do not seem to have the answer to, but wager it could go either way. Spontaneity is at the root of much enlightenment, but also much dismay. One can converge to nihilism once apart from a group, not finding meaning and purpose anymore. But on the other hand, through liberation, one can find a mystifying path towards ideals and thoughts that were once nonexistent in the scope of one's mind. 

I for one subscribe to the paradigm that somewhat saddles on the fence of both. Why not liberate whilst diverge from a given group transiently, until one finds what they are seeking. If they are satiated with the results, then liberation is the path for them. If not, then the herd will never cease to be there when one is done wandering out into the abyss. But one thing I am indeed sure of is one needs to have a birds eye view of lies ahead because if one doubles down, they would forever be blinded to other capital T truths.

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