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Agameya: On Surrogate Acitvities

Gone are the days where one could sit quietly in a room for hours, merely staring at a blank wall with no intention whatsoever other than staying still. This luxury was vexed by the awakening of the beast that is none other than technology itself. Alas, where leisure is found, technology is prominent with all its vices. How did our state of distraction, and by extension, surrogacy become this treacherous? How can we possibly dial back ourselves and safeguard against the permeating ills of this heinous antagonist? 

Surrogate activities are ones littered by technological implications allowing us to engage in the pursuit of something, where there really isn't. They are mere distractions to numb the pain of our world that has become nothing but artificially structured. We are elbowed into a path to induce working on things that don’t surmount to anything in the grand scheme of things. One has to intentionally erode that part that seeks to conform to the norm, regardless of how many hurdles one may face along the road. 

We should all exercise more agency in regards to the stimuli we let run are thoughts, and consequently our actions. We are being indoctrinated to be using this meager medium as a cornerstone of our lives and convincing ourselves that we are better with us in its grasp. Alas, there will come a day where we will cease to share this opinion and this will drastically erode our species as we know it. Safeguard now and reap the sweet fruit later.

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