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Agameya: On Social Media Bequething The Minds of Adolescence

Oh how a mind is naive and the heart all the more. Our children are being taken advantage of us underneath our very care, and we havn't event batted an eye. The level of malevolence beholding corporations is way past what I ever thought would behold them. Power and money makes people, and by extension, industries pursue and engage in shameful acts impacting not only the youth, but also the future of humanity as we know it. The gadgets that our children behold in their very palms will be the very thing that ceases to maintain, grow, and proper society.

Every stimuli emitted by technological mediums is used as a way to veer attention from the potent and important, increasing the addictive tendencies, otherwise known as the twitch, within adolescence that are too ignorant to know the concoction formulating. These behemoths tap into every insecurity and desire there is to create an inextricable tie between said child and the device that dubs it perfectly inelastic. Alas, little do we know that as good time passes, the connection is not at all severed, but ignited in every way. It becomes harder for children not to use their gadgets and dub the side effects more potent when they lack access to them.

One way to safeguard against the culmination of the twitch is by reducing our child's access to screens at a young age, and assuring that this is a perpetual habit to be endured until the child is mature enough to have agency over their choices. Another way of decreasing use is by intermittently producing information to vouch against technology, in a subtle or possibly unsubtle way. Meaning that one can either give extended lectures once a week to ones children informing them of the ills, or on the other hand coming up with other modest ways of ‘inadvertently’ shedding light on the cons.

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