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Agameya: On Descartes

This philosopher has been not only integral to this fine discipline, but whose work predicates if not most, then all philosophical proclamations today. He, in my not-so-humble opinion is the father of philosophy and the man who ignited a potent flame within in terms of epistemological thinking, he is none other than Rene Descartes. He was toying with the idea of knowledge and thus started doubting everything around him. From his surroundings, to the existence of his own body, there was no palpable truth that the senses were rational in depicting something external to him. But one thing was for certain, he was doubting, in other words, thinking. Alas, he came to the gory conclusion: Cogito Ergo Sum (I think therefore I am).

To give supplementary aid to his reasoning, Descartes could not trust that he is not being led by an evil demon deceiving his peripherals, hatching a plot to create a world that is not really there. Moreover, we could be in a simulator, some sort of brain in a vat where we are being programmed to live a life that's not really there. That I submit is why Desrates could doubt everything, except the fact that he was doubting. 

Some beg the question: What if the evil demon is in fact your thoughts, and you have no independent thought apart from what It feeds you? What if your brain is not really yours and is planted inside your head leading you to assume things that aren't true? I will assume Descartes' vantage in this case would be that if I am thinking, even if pervaded with thoughts foreign being planted by someone else, there is still the remote possibility of eradicating this intruder and doubling down on my own.

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