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Agameya: The Phenomenon of Busy

We have been conditioned/indoctrinated by cultural and societal ‘hand-me-downs’ that if you are not moving forward, you're falling behind. That if you're not progressing towards your greater goals, then stagnation will be getting the best of you. But has one ever stopped to think that ample enough rest and rejuvenation might lead to clearer and more virtuous thinking? That just ‘busy being busy’ could in fact pave the way for deluding oneself into productivity when none exists? People need to stop living in a state of delusion where they are fixated on embarking on something with no palpable end to curb their unquenchable thirst of surmounting to something. 

We, as a collective whole, need to shake ourselves from this weary narrative that keeps us from allowing our minds to experience tranquility. With exhausting the mind, to no end, comes an opportunity cost so gargantuan that we will never cease to incur it. Being busy comes at the price of being creative in terms of our given vocation. When the mind is drawn out to conquer trivial tasks, the aura that the mind cultivates for itself will be drenched in folly answers to mundane questions. However, when one is engaged in the fine art of their True endeavor, the mind will radiate with colors from depth within the well of virtue. 

How does one fight the behemoth that is busyness? Well for starters one should not subscribe to the ills etched onto society's version of success. With the acceptance of one's formative judgment about the matter, then comes garnering the agency to adjust and reform. Strike out the trivial tasks and replace them with mindfulness sessions, delegate/ co-commit to tasks instead of taking them up all on your own, and finally, ask for a leave period in hopes of taking ample time for stillness and guiding you towards your vocation.

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