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Elon Musk: On AI Pervading

Updated: Apr 15

As I embarked on the last chapter of this book that was nothing but enlightening on the implications regarding technology in the near future, I had an epiphany. Machines, sooner or later, will replace humans in their mundane tasks thus dubbing human capital as obsolete and retrograde. With that said, many people will be left without an occupation/steady income to support and provide for their families. Musk believes that this phenomenon needs to be stopped before it matures to a level that cannot be stifled or hindered any further.

AI was initially supposed to be a supplementary aid to human needs, there to ease the processes of perplexing endeavors, making room for efficiency to shine through. Little did people know that by merely tapping into this idea, technology will have a foothold and barge through what is human nature as we know it. Like we always say here at ATC, technology is not at all neutral, and the first step is as potent and strong as the one hundredth, the momentum will therefore take technology and catapult it to the ultimate extreme.

The former begs the question, is it within our hands to truncate this somewhat inevitable takeover? Yes and no. One can voice their opinion via their various platforms in hopes of reaching a larger audience, as well as reduce the use of technology, in specific, advanced technology in hopes of scratching the merest surface of sales in regards to the behemoths that govern and facilitate technology based companies. Alas, every succinct change, overtime, and with enough force, may change the outlook of an event gargantuanly in the long run. As the old saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and that indeed if everyone swept their own doorstep, the whole world would be clean.

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