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Artxmis Graham Thoreau
May 29, 2021
In Politics
Hello all! I'm new to having an account here, but I've been peering over the site for some time. Anyways, I won't bog this down with some introduction. Recently, I've been interested in the issue of labels and expressing our ideas to the wider population. I find too often anarchists (especially those who are terminally-online) have little to no ability to relate to the needs of other people, be them physcial, emotional, or psychological. People won't care for your ideas, even if they're correct, if you can't express them in a way that relates to their needs (or wants). I've been pondering this with a few friends and the conclusions we're beginning to form is that we don't totally know. Ground breaking, I know. Without testing our ideas, we can't really know what is or isn't effective. Personally, I'm known as a green anarchist, a luddite, and a Primitivist to those who know my ideas. I'm largely active in local anti fascist and anti authoritarian circles and on my campus. Some people respond well, be it an agreement or an honest curiosity. Naturally, others are less happy to hear that and confront with hostility and anger. My good friends in the community and on campus are all pretty accepting and good discussion on technology and civilization comes from it. Most of them are in the DSA or YDSA chapters or even the CPUSA. For those less politically active, I nearly exclusively express myself as an anti-authoritarian / anarchist and a luddite. I don't get caught up in heavy language and whatever, but try to make it simple whenever they ask or an issue about relevant topics is brought up. I've had mostly good reception to it, which I'm surprised about. This is especially true for people interested in environmentalism. I haven't had much experience with propaganda, just mostly down to earth talks with people. What is everyone else's thoughts or experiences? What works and what doesn't? I'm really looking forward to hearing from anyone! Cheers, Artxmis
Artxmis Graham Thoreau
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