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George Orwell: 1984

What has become of us if not mere machines taking orders and executing accordingly? We are under the mere mirage, in some ways, submissive to higher authority in any shape, whilst consequently losing our autonomy. Alas, I now beg the question: Is it in fact easier to control one if one resides in a group, or all alone? There have been differing opinions in that regard but I would have to plead against the fact that it is easier to control one when alone. When in a group, one adopts the mentality of the whole, thus, if one is persuaded, one can divest the learnt unto others. However, when one is alone, there ceases to be a lack of time for one to ruminate, thus, dubbing one harder to control.

One way to control the masses is through instilling fear, negative punishment, according to BF Skinner, is the most influential of reinforcements. If one does not participate in X, one will  suffer the ramifications accordingly. Thus, when a mass group of people are told to follow a given doctrine, they are usually given reasons as to why this doctrine is chosen, and if not abided by, there will be consequences. 

The former begs the question, how does one evade from being drawn in by the masses? To rip a page out of Deleuze and Guattaris’ proclamation, one needs to adopt ‘Schizo’ type characteristics which elbows one in the quite eluding facet that are harder to understand, and as a result, control. When one is not understood, and cannot be demystified, it makes one a threat to whoever is on the other side, making one an enigma.

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