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Agameya: Calling All Non-technocrats

Updated: 4 days ago

Technology has ripped a hole in our perceived reality, making it abundant with the ills that technology so bleakley possesses. Our reality is shaped by what technology dubs as virtuous, elbowing us into a paradigm we cannot shake and dare not name. We conform to norms given to us by this antagonist that we are not aware of, nor care to examine. The culprit resides between our very palms and we cannot ascertain even that.

I challenge everyone who reads this snippet to pause for a mere second and see how many decisions are taken in a day that have been fueled or probed by technology. You'll see that the lens through which we perceive and intuit certain decisions, ideologies, and thoughts reek of the technological stench, and we cannot be rid of it unless we harshly examine the consequences. 

If there resides any non-technological ridden part, I call upon you to summon that sliver of hope that sees a reality outside of the technological one we all succumb to either willingly, or not. My friends, the technological era was preceded by the industrial era, and the latter had a gargantuan imprint on our society, and the world as a whole. Let’s not give technology the same stage and exercise our energy to recede its damages.

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