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We are a collection of philosophers, authors, students, educators, artists, scientists, physicians, and lawyers seeking to build awareness of the most important issue facing the world today: TECHNOLOGY

Many people are blissfully unaware of the ways technology is wreaking havoc on their lives. Those that are aware typically believe the technological system is immune to change.

We believe otherwise.


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"How can you be against modern technology, yet have a website?"

WRiter's Spotlight

Nayla Agameya

"I bring up the question of whether technology is really optional in this day and age.


With the rise of any novel technology, there is the perpetual notion that the adoption of any said technology is optional, it isn’t urgent nor mandatory to possess such a thing. Lets take cars for example. There are a lot of marginal benefits that surmount to obtaining a car, the biggest of which is to move through space and go from point A to point B more efficiently than a pedestrian. But here’s the catch, its all well and good at the beginning, but the more prevalent and omnipresent cars become, it intrinsically changes society which in turn cultivates new regulations that are recalibrating and refiguring society. In such that automobiles, due to the rapid adoption, become at first inelastic, then works its way up to become perfectly inelastic. Which means if one doesn’t own a car it reaches a certain point where their existence may be threatened due to the lack of conformity to the now “ new norm”. They no longer fit the bill of society, if you will. One is dubbed as somewhat of an outcast due to their actions not being congruent with the rest of the flock.  With all that being said, our freedom narrows in, which in turn trickles down to our choices narrowing in as well. Technological determinism has left us in sort of rut, where ones choices are limited between adapting and aligning with the herd, or being an outcast and evade the system as a whole."

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Dr. David Skrbina

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A NEW book edited by David Skrbina


Introduction, by David Skrbina, PhD 
1.  “The Real Cause of the Environmental Crisis”, by Griffin Kiegiel 
2.  “Revolutionary Art”, by Savona Safaoui 
3.  “The Technology Virus: How Much Technology is Needed to Live a Good Life?”, by M. H. T. Kang 
4.  “The Conservation of Man and Wild Nature in Light of 21st Century Post-Industrial Technologies”, by West Northwest 
5.  “Overcoming the Technêcrat,” by Darrell Bolin 

6.  “Democracy Not: The Impossibility of Democratic Political Freedom under Modern Technology”, by Chad A. Haag 
7.  “Technological Medicine: The Destruction of Natural Health in the Techno-Industrial Medical Complex”, by Heidi Gabr 
8.  “The Positive Devolution of Production”, by Ryan Glavin 
9.  “Primitive Authenticity”, by Milton Bäcksbacka 
10.  “An Old Beat from a New Drum,” by Charlie Clendening. 

Forthcoming, Summer 2021

“In spite of all the men of good will, all the optimists, all the doers of history, the civilizations of the world are being ringed about with a band of steel.”

—  Jacques Ellul, “The Technological Society” (1964), p. 127



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