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Anti-Tech Collective


 Last updated January 4th, 2024 

est. 2021



Weekly Public Meetings

ATC will hold weekly "office hours" on Sundays at 11AM EST. These meetings will be hosted by at least one ATC member.  These meetings will offer our readers an opportunity to discuss themes relevant to this website with at least one other person who is interested in them. If attendees wish to converse among themselves, the host will moderate the conversation to ensure civil and productive discussion.


Click here to access the Zoom room

Other places to talk

ATC Forum: ATC's own forum for anti-tech discussion (account required) A new forum for cataloguing and sharing information, and discussion

Element group chat: An anti-tech chat room on Element, an encrypted messaging app

News & announcements:

The first issue of the Anti-Tech Collective Journal is ready.

Instagram feed follow us @antitechcollective

Deer Silhouette

“In spite of all the men of good will, all the optimists, all the doers of history, the civilizations of the world are being ringed about with a band of steel.”

—  Jacques Ellul, “The Technological Society” (1964), p. 127

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