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The modern technological system is waging a multi-front war against morality, health, human dignity, freedom of thought, and the natural environment. In an effort to fight back, we've made it our mission to provide an uncensored, interactive platform for anti-tech expression, dialogue, and activism.

By spreading awareness of the problems inherent to technology we hope to unite those seeking emancipation from the technological system.

***We do this for the birds, the trees, and our right to be free***


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Ole Martin Moen, PhD

The Unabomber's Ethics


In this paper I present and criticize Ted Kaczynski’s (‘The Unabomber’) theory that industrialization has been terrible for humanity, and that we should use any means necessary, including violent means, to induce a return to pre-industrial ways of living. Although Kaczynski’s manifesto, ‘Industrial Society and its Future,’ has become widely known, his ideas have never before been subject to careful philosophical criticism. In this paper I show how Kaczynski’s arguments rely on a number of highly implausible philosophical premises. I further make the case that although his theory as a whole should be rejected, Kaczynski raises a number of worries about technological development that ought to receive serious attention. Some of these worries have recently come to be shared by prominent defenders of human enhancement, including Nick Bostrom and Julian Savulescu. In the last section I indicate why I believe it is important that academic philosophers scrutinize ideas that motivate acts of violence.

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A NEW book edited by David Skrbina


Introduction, by David Skrbina, PhD 
1.  “The Real Cause of the Environmental Crisis”, by Griffin Kiegiel 
2.  “Revolutionary Art”, by Savona Safaoui 
3.  “The Technology Virus: How Much Technology is Needed to Live a Good Life?”, by M. H. T. Kang 
4.  “The Conservation of Man and Wild Nature in Light of 21st Century Post-Industrial Technologies”, by West Northwest 
5.  “Overcoming the Technêcrat”, by Darrell Bolin 

6.  “Democracy Not: The Impossibility of Democratic Political Freedom under Modern Technology”, by Chad A. Haag 
7.  “Technological Medicine: The Destruction of Natural Health in the Techno-Industrial Medical Complex”, by Heidi Gabr 
8.  “The Positive Devolution of Production”, by Ryan Glavin 
9.  “Primitive Authenticity”, by Milton Bäcksbacka 
10.  “An Old Beat from a New Drum,” by Charlie Clendening. 


Deer Silhouette

“In spite of all the men of good will, all the optimists, all the doers of history, the civilizations of the world are being ringed about with a band of steel.”

—  Jacques Ellul, “The Technological Society” (1964), p. 127