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Episode 3

Griffin rides solo in this episode, talking with Sean Fleming, a junior research fellow at the University of Cambridge, and author of "The Unabomber and the Origins of Anti-Tech Radicalism" (link down below). They mainly talk about Jacques Ellul and Kaczynski.

Sean Fleming, PhD

Ellul vs. Kaczynski

Full Conversation

with Sean

Sean's article, "The Unabomber and the Origins of Anti-Tech Radicalism":

Episode 2

In this episode of THE ANTI-TECH CAST, hosts Griffin and Ryan interview peak oil philosopher Chad A. Haag about the misconceptions surrounding life in India, the negative consequences of Western technological living, and the influence of social media on interpersonal relations.

Chad A. Haag

India vs. United States

Full Conversation

with Chad

Episode 1

David Skrbina, PhD

on Creative Reconstruction

In the inaugural episode of The ATCast, hosts Ryan Glavin and Griffin Kiegiel interview Dr. Skrbina about his conception of technology, his understanding of the technological problem, and his proposal for remedying it--“Creative Reconstruction."

Full Conversation

with David