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Aug 06, 2022
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Hey all, here's a handy guide anyone can use. Requesting scans is totally free, and available to anyone in the world. Requesting Scans Online​ Browse through the full archive contents list for the folder you’d like to request: Ted Kaczynski Papers 1996-2014 Here’s the registration form to to be able to request items: Aeon - Registration And here’s the request form for the Kaczynski archive: Aeon - EAD Requests You just have to: Tick the box number containing the folder you’re looking for. Then after the list of boxes, tick "Duplication" Then where it says "Other Detail, Inclusive Pages, Etc." Write "I'd like scans of folder numbers ____ & ____." You can only request 2 items per month. Visiting the Reading Room​ It's just the same registration form to to be able to request items or visit the reading room: Aeon - Registration And the same request form for booking the reading room: Aeon - EAD Requests And you just say what date you’d like to visit. You have to submit your request at least one week in advance of your visit. And here's the address: Sixth Floor, Room 660 Hatcher Library South 913 S. University Ave Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190 Finally, you definitely have permission to take photos as the archive curator confirmed on the website blog article The Ted Kaczynski Papers:
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