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Language and Terminology in Propaganda and Discussions
In Politics
May 31, 2021
The only approach I've ever noticed working is interpersonal communication (medium doesn't really matter, honestly. I've had many discussions on discord that are far more engaging than most of my on-campus philosophy experiences). Specifically, the approach that I usually take is one that completely ignores politics - insofar that I don't reference anything outside of theory. Mostly because politics as it is in the modern era is industrially rooted. How most of my discussions usually go is that someone presents an issue in their life - e.g. my mother was hit by a car, I can't pay rent because even though I have a job I have no money, etc - and I try to show them how their issue is entirely or almost entirely rooted in some technological issue. This is mostly because people don't realize that the issues in modern society are rooted in technology, and they don't realize this because technology is the root of most of the ways they productively live. That is, all the basic needs in life are completely divorced from people, and are replaced by supplicatory needs. If the basic needs are satisfied without effort, people then need to put in effort to satisfy new and unnecessary needs - this is most commonly seen with cell phones. People pursue awful jobs to pursue an amount of money that's way beyond what the system *demands* for necessities (if everyone only spent the money they earned on their rent, food, and water, they would basically always have an excess of money. However, because it's not satisfying to acquire those things anymore, people instead spend whatever excess money they have on shit that they don't really need - but more importantly, doesn't provide any real satisfaction - cell phones are once again a great example of this). Basically, what I think people like us need to do is bridge that gap between the problems and their root - make people realize the uncomfortable truth that their issues are *technological* issues. If they become aware of this, even in a slight way, they will tend to work towards de-technologizing their lives.
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