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EJ Haas
Apr 14, 2021
In General
It's easy to describe issues within the technological society, ways in which an anti-tech world would improve the quality of life... But what, in your eyes, would that look like? We're interested in the long-term picture, and in creating a vision of a world without technology, here. As idealistic as you want, exactly what the title says, given it could hypothetically be accomplished with collective human effort (no dragons or a magically limitless freshwater supply). Build, in your mind, an image of the world as it should be, and describe it below. We encourage you to engage with other users to explore how certain aspects of your vision could be achieved, and how your definitions of an ideal existence might differ. Some questions to consider: What do "economics" mean in your ideal anti-tech future? Should the concept of money exist, and how would it look different from the way it works today (if at all — and if not, what would that change? How would a world without money sustain public health, art, education, etc.)? How would you change the mission and means of education to prioritize knowledge instead of workability? How would schools operate, and what would be their benefit? What would you change about the American workforce and the lifestyle of the average worker? Where do we draw that line between art and technology; was the invention of the wheel an act of creation or industrial advance? How would you distinguish between creative and technological expansion? How far is "too far?" Are there kinds of technology (e.g., medicine, electricity) that are beneficial to human life, and should these be maintained into an anti-industrial world? What are the dangers of doing so to the integrity of your ideal future? Remember, this is a forum to brainstorm what you want to SEE, not ERADICATE. Tell us how the world you want to see would function, and don't be afraid to be ambitious or "impractical"... This is your vision of how things should work. It can't be "wrong" or "stupid." That being said, you have the opportunity to incorporate aspects of others' ideas into your own. Take advantage!
EJ Haas
Mar 02, 2021
In Art
There exists debate surrounding the place of artistic expression — particularly visual art — in our world, both the one we live in today and that which we strive for as opponents of industrialization. Should digital art (including graphic design) be considered “art?” Is it possible for digital art to effectively communicate ideas and sentiments against the worsening problem of technology, or is it merely a product of the technological world presenting as a creative outlet? How do we define "art" and how do we assess its benefit or detriment to human wellness?

EJ Haas

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