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Decentralization: The Infamous Solution

The world would be best governed not by a behemoth of cemented legislature, but of a society of small states. Should states be separated and become completely autonomous? What is the optimal size of a political unit, if there should be any? For 99.89% of human history, small and decentralized governments have been the norm. Gargantuan systems, so to speak, have been an anomaly. 

Descentalization can and will solve a myriad of problems facing nations today. Including the polarization between the left and right, and everything else in between. Capitalists and socialists, and those who favor freedom and those who favor authoritarian rule. These schisms elbow in folks to subscribe to doctrines they do not fundamentally consent to. Alas, this situation is feeding the flames of cultural wars, pinning neighbors against one another, and increasing the possibility of a civil war.

What if the world was composed of a myriad of autonomous governments, free to explore their political edge and subscribe to the doctrines they see fit for this group of people versus others. A coastal region could experiment with free market anarchy, a city state could implement socialism, and a rural community could toy with the idea of a king. In conclusion, the inability of an average person to affect the politics of a nation, in tandem with the schism that exists between the ruler and ruled is breeding malaise and is blazing the trail of totalitarianism. 

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