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Civilization: Is It Destined To Fail?

Time and again we’ve seen civilizations fall like the leaves in the winter, to then once more rise during the summer. A great civilization is not conquered from without, unless it's destroyed itself from within. Some would argue that the creation of civilization itself is an abomination of nature, and that the most virtuous layout of society is in the form of hunter gatherers. No structure, hierarchy, and a lack of rigid rules is where man truly becomes his truest self. The introduction of a system makes a man more like a machine than what his nature intends him to be, and that is why many folks concur with an ‘anti-civ’ way of guiding society in hopes of paving the way for humanity to shed its potent light.

Civilization on one hand allows the tormentor to be reprimanded, the resources allocated fairly, and safety well insured. But on the other hand, creates somewhat of a prison-like force field that guides a man one way, while veering him from another. Would one rather live in structure and ensure safety and justice, or live in freedom to be his true self but risk all the former? Alas the tale as old as time recounts that there isn't one answer to this perplexing question, and many cease to relinquish their opinion when presented with potent evidence for one side versus another. 

Civilizations are akin to biological organisms, in the sense that they have a lifespan, not unlike homospaines, where their stages are marked by inception, growth, decline, and decay. Thus, it is inevitable that a civilization collapses, so why initially start formulating one? Is it not crude to cultivate something while sheerly knowing it will be short lived? Why does one embark on an endeavor, whilst knowing all its flaws, and still holding onto hope that this time will be different? This I propose is the cyclical error humanity falls prey to time and time again. History will never cease to repeat itself, and we will never be any more frugal than the previous. 

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