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Agameya: On The Power of Silence

In this day and age people speak and voice their opinion to fill up the void of silence. But whatever is wrong with silence? How did something so abundant and natural that exemplifies room for thought and peace overtime become a shame in settings that include but are not limited to: Classroom discussions, university lectures, management meetings, or even friendly outings. It is a sign of discomfort when that vile ‘award silence’ enters the room adamant on eliciting an ominous and quite antagonist aura throughout. 

But alas, we have pegged silence as this villain that is incidentally wrongly misjudged in the grand scheme of things. However, to sit with no stimuli being exchanged is a chance for one to contemplate, ruminate, or even merely acquaint the essence of nothingness that pervades through the air. Our minds need a prolonged grace period to be able to create and regenerate ideas and useful stimuli to be reverberated. We often fall into the trap of speaking for the sake of filling up a void and rectifying a dire situation, so to speak. 

One should shift their paradigms so as to welcome silence with open arms and utilize its presence as a tool for cultivation rather than a scurry to come up with the next futile thing to say. When one in fact befriends silence, one will cease to retreat to the realm of stimuli any longer because truly nestling in silences’ profoundness will yield gargantuan net benefits in the short and long run alike.

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