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Agameya On: The Ever Pervading Noise of Today

Silence is but a luxury, leaving our ears polluted with the noise that comes with modern technology. Everywhere we are bombarded with television, radio, and the like. One cannot move freely about without the senses being exasperated by stimuli emitted. The sound of nothing has become a foreign concept to us. They aim to keep our senses occupied with frivolous stimuli so as to perpetually be distracted. With the inflow of noise, we cease to have complete autonomy over what we think about; hindrances everywhere while our mind split between various thoughts. 

Act vehemently so as to block out the noise, go to places where none reside. Spend time in nature so as to get your mind oriented to your own accord. Engage in a deep thought process for hours or even days on end without any stimuli impeding this virtue. Do not let your mind be truncated by the ills of technology- keep the ever so potent goal in mind. Write down reminders when you find yourself getting sidetracked and pulled away from the ever present now. 

Digital detoxing is a method that has proven to work wonders for those who have participated with their full undivided attention. Have allotted time to look at your phone, unplug the T.V every so often so as to create a barrier, when met with stimuli outside the field of control counteract it with mindful meditation and focus on the goal. It is in our hands to repel the forces that try to stifle us and send us into the whirlpool of technology, we just have to be bright enough to be aware and thus exercise the needed methods to repel and eventually annihilate the stimuli.

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