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Agameya: On Technology In The 21st Century

All around I see humans, but no humanity. All around I see faces, but no expressions. Technology is now an extension of peoples limbs, indeed indiscernible from their very hands. If one does not possess nor own modern technology, they are dubbed as inefficient or lacking in some way. At every point of leisure, our hands are wired to grab the very distraction that tells our eyes to look as though gold was inadvertently found at the brink. People wallow in their devices and forget there is a world to be lived, and other things to be seen. I fear that years will go by and people will look back at their lives wishing they didn't vicariously live through their phones that are doing nothing but yielding an inorganic reality deluded with erroneous stimuli. But alas, irrespective of the potent awareness of the ills, people are still etched onto their technology, and I fear will not soon repent. Dire action needs to be exerted in order to shed an even more potent light on aspects that include but are not limited to: Deteriorating mental and physical health, increased stress, and reduced bandwidth for patience.

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