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Agameya On: Technology For Youth

We love not our own, but others more. Technology and the advent of digital platforms to connect people from all walks of life has made the former statement as relevant as can be. Youth today cultivate plans so as to capture the exact moment that would and does appeal to the masses as viritous. They begin with others in mind, not with their own. Alas, they chant them and not me. We are driven by the wants and needs of others rather than our own. Technology has not only exasperated that, but I would argue even planted the very seed that encompasses this vile phenomenon. 

Youth today are suppressed by the very norms that society has set for them via technology. Showcasing one's best accolades through social media platforms is incumbent on their existence and makes them relevant. If one does not adamantly post, then one ceases to be of value to a society that tries to shape and culminate youth to their liking. One would even argue the existence of another, if they are not present on social media, which speaks volumes to the gargantuan effect it has among society as a whole. 

We live in a world that has far surpassed Maslow's hierarchical needs where a somewhat fictitious tier has emerged from the abyss that I cannot shake and dare not name. We have resorted to means that do not only deteriorate the mind, but erode it all the more. Let not our youth be plagued with this phenomenon that is doing nothing but holding them back. Their eyes glued to their devices, living vicariously through them. Physical social interactions are dubbed unworthy and unimportant to their eyes, circumventing them as a whole. They chat, but do not speak. They post, but do not experience. The wrath of technology has bequeathed and continues to reap its ills on our youth, thus making it our top priority to dispel its evident ‘virtuousness’ and relinquish its dire effects on the naive minds of the future. 

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