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Agameya: On Socrates

As one of the most profound philosophers in the West, he is known for his quite esoteric method of learning that does not include writing, at all. It is indeed true, Socrates never wrote any of his ideologies now and was utterly dependent on the mind as the trove to treasure his greatest ideas. I for one vouch to take after Socrates in limiting the bandwidth of my mind to only valuable information, preferably the philosophy I cultivate and the ones I accumulate along the way. However now more than ever due to excess stimuli, the mind is occupied with frivolous and quite tedious information that has little to no use. I submit to you readers and implore you to do the same: Eradicate the stimuli that do not serve your daily, and by extension, grander goals. Veer away from the clutter that taxes your mind and erodes your thinking, store in the mind intellect that propels further rather than recedes.

Consciously exercise the brain to intuit raw material of value, which will indeed reap great benefits when storing this raw material as information in your long term memory. Alas, the intellect garnered should be coupled with retrieval cues as well as acquired in a distraction free environment in hopes of increasing the rate of retention. Be gone with the stimuli that distracts and steers away from the vital, moreover, always condition yourself to always be wary of knowledge that isn't adding value in the grand scheme of things. Have a checklist that states the qualifications of stimuli to be of value to you according to your previously calibrated goals coupled with the principles you already embody.

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