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Agameya: On Sartre

Jean Paul Sartre was a prominent existential philosopher whose work does indeed stand the test of time while prevailing throughout the tapestry of philosophies inner workings. Sartre believed that we bear no innate qualities that veer us towards one direction versus another. We are neither born artistically, musically, nor mathematically prone. We in fact cultivate our vocation through the years we reside on this planet, never possessing any inward inclinations. This existential train of thought empowers many to pursue their dreams due to all of us being born ‘tabula rasa’ and having somewhat of an equal chance to pursue what one desires.

However I fail to intuit the fact that we don't, even marginally, possess some sort of inclination towards something like the sciences or the arts. How then are prodigies so gifted in one facet, somewhat surmounting the experience of a 50 year old in their mere adolescence? How then does one explain the fire in a babes’ eye when met with the thing that will ultimately yield his namesake throughout the rest of time? 

Innately and for the common good of the whole, I feel as though this approach is a profound one to adopt in hopes of shedding a potent light on one’s autonomy. When one feels like they are not elbowed into one realm versus another, creativity utterly pervades throughout allowing one to double down on what they truly intend to, versus what they think they were born for and made to do. I would say agency and autonomy are the most appropriate words to exemplify Sartres’ philosophy in the simplest of ways.

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