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Agameya: On Nomadic Hunter Gatherers

Since the dawn of time, man has scrounged for himself without ceasing tenacity in the face of obstacles that far surpass our wildest imagination. Hunter gatherers were and are an emblem for how we see humanity's future as anti-tech provocateurs. Alas, yearning for the future more often than not takes the form of grasping for the past. Nomadic hunter gatherers were healthier, stronger, and better off than their successors of the agrarian revolution. 

With the inception of agriculture, there came about what would be the undertones of modern hierarchical systems. Where there are people who delegate, and others who oblige. Women who previously were treated as mens’ equals, were now merely relegated to child bearing and succinct occupational duties. Moreover, the spread of disease was more prevalent as folk ceased to be nomadic and were confined to a given plot of land which allowed the transmission of disease to be more potent. Running the risk of crop failure was imminent due to the lack of variety, allowing there to be little room for failure and high consequences to bear if not reaped properly. Lastly, men and womens’ average heights truncated throughout the years which indicates biological reformation possibly due to nutrient deficiency and lack of physical exertion. 

In a nutshell, hunter gatherers reaped virtues far surpassing those accrued during the agrarian revolution and that I submit is when technology was able to really come to the fore. Tools were cultivated and used efficiently and effectively, women were more likely to bear children due to their occupational roles being reduced resulting in increased population, and leisure period was generously extended allowing folk to dwell on innovation and improvement which was indeed scratching the unperceivable surface of technology. Alas, many academics argue that the pitfall of humanity was marked by the agrarian revolution which will always stand as a potent emblem for progressiveness, innovation, and the formation of civilization.

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