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Agameya: On Gottfried Leibniz

Gottfried Leibniz was a German philosopher who subscribed to the quite popular opinion that knowledge is achieved through reason, thus, making him a prominent rationalist. Leibniz believed that everything in the universe was made up of monads that behold the possibility of allowing us to understand the deep truths within. Alas, paving the way for us, through reason, to come to know essentially everything we can about that thing, and by extension, the world. 

But contrarians pose this question: There are complexities in objects that cannot be utterly understood through reasoning alone and thus the truths derived have to be garnered from the experience as well. Leibniz does not contest the previous statement, thus, coming to the quite controversial conclusion that knowledge is achieved through both means, reason and experience. 

Most people who dabble in the art of epistemology take pride in the schism between both schools of thought and urge others to subscribe to one or the other, not both. But alas, drawing a conclusion from the premises cultivated -it is most obvious that Leibniz saddles on the fence between both, and rightfully so. One cannot come to know the entailments of things without using both reason and experience to ascertain the intricacies. 

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