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Agameya On: Distractions

More often than not we all fall into the vile notion of slipping out of focus and into distraction. This can be propagated due to incessant dings through notifications insinuating a phone call or a text message. Alas, it is often the case that technology is the culprit for the heinous crime that not only takes us away from our vocation, but that by time, erodes our focus all together. Be wary of any and all technology especially during times of deep focus, or else you will indeed reap the dire consequences of never being able to produce top of the line work in your respected craft. 

One way to evade the grasp of distraction is to close any and all devices that may lead to a possible breach in focus. Turn off your phone, put it far from your own reach (possibly in a drawer in the other room), and don't use it till you are done with the intense session of deep work. With that being said, not to toot on technologies’ own horn, there are viable apps that safeguard against distractions if you possibly get notifications on the device you are working on.

Moreover, I would also suggest going on a technology detox for a couple of months where you really see your focus catch the golden light and will never revert back to the sporadic work you previously engaged in prior to the detox. Don’t fall ill to the behemoths’ compulsion  that are indeed trying to strip you away from doing what you know deserves your undivided attention. One day you’ll look back and realize how much of an influence external stimuli has on your ability to produce effective output, and will pat yourself on the back for being able to repel such forces at work. 

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