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Agameya: On Distractions

The wrath of this decade's frivolity is beneath us. We engage in futile conversations just to overtly disclose even more futile answers. We are utterly exposed to stimuli via our eyes and ears. The toxicity that is digested by us is far worse than I ever imagined it to be. We know too much about everything and not enough about one thing. Everything seems to be in the palm of our hands, yet our mind is too distracted to double down on an esoteric facet and delve deeper. We are indeed plagued by the dilemma of choice, stimuli, and excess. One would think that with everything being accessible and digestible to even the crudest of minds, we would safeguard against ambivalent work, but no, we cease to adopt a focused paradigm that always requires us to be fully present in one endeavor.

Technology is not our friend and it will indeed do whatever is within its power to truncate our focus and veer us towards an abyss abundant with frivolity and distraction. What is within our power to do is to intentionally and deliberately refrain from using technology insofar as it aids in one's pursuit. We find that technology does indeed expedite processes like writing and research, but hinders creativity and thought as it offers facets of downward spirals of addictive clicks often known as digital crack.

There are myriad of ways to hinder technological ills such as: Setting limits on apps and notifications that tend to erode monomaniacal focus, downloading a program that’s closes any and all possible websites during work time, and not using technological devices two hours proceeding waking up and two hours prior to sleeping. If one finds themselves in the grasp of technology with no way out, I would suggest that one refrain from using their devices for at least one month in hopes of paving the way for a life digitally and technologically minimal.

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