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Agameya: On Carl Jung

Carl Jung was a profound Swiss psychiatrist who believed that without one bringing about their repressed ‘shadowed’ self to the surface, one will live a life abundant with masks, inhibiting all the different spheres of one's essence. Alas, in this day and age with the advent of modern technology, there is a plethora of influence elbowing in people to a certain standard and retrograde ideology of how the mass perceives the ‘good self’. 

Technology has indeed posed a narrative that makes us hinder the parts of us that are most curious to dabble into the unknown. Suffice to say these narratives were indeed prevalent prior to technology, but were magnified all the more through this medium that does nothing but take ills and double down on them for the benefit of none other than itself.

Our shadow selves, as Jung implies, are somewhat insecure and dormant, not awaiting to be tapped into nor called upon. But alas, it is incumbent on people to awaken the treasure beneath the surface so as to refrain from a life not fully lived and explored. As the old saying goes: The treasure one truly seeks resides in the realm one fears treading the most.

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