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Agameya: Heidegger On Technology

We see human beings and objects merely as means, to a technological end. Heidegger believed that by disposing of the aforementioned ideology, we must shed light on the technological ills in the broader scope of things. Technology has made us see our own peers as useful insofar as they act as a medium to a technological end. Our humanity has been reduced to such a measure that corresponds with the efficiency and effectiveness of a frivolous tool. This very concept has got to serve as a potent red light to the slippery slope we are not only on, but are deeply entrenched in.

‘Humans can be arranged, rearranged and disposed’ says Heidegger with despondence, and rightfully so. But alas, our attempts to master technology are still within its very walls, still controlled by none other than the behemoth itself. We fool ourselves into thinking that we have ultimate control of it, and all the while the deceiver has been pulling the transparent strings.  

 Heidegger attempts to look at technology in a way that is not within the ultimate grips of it. I however believe that the only way to look at technology, is to tread to the other direction and veer as far away from it as humanly possible. The only way to not reap its bleak benefits, is to refrain from using it as a whole. I am fully aware that completely annihilating yourself from technology is almost impossible in this day and age, but it would be inept of us not to partake in an attempt to reduce its effects.

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